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Arabian Hala Co. (Avis)

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Best Rent A Car


Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group


Middle East Fiber Cable Manufacturing Co.

Middle East Specialised Cables

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Abdul Latif Jameel Finance

Abdul Latif Jameel Investments

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Abdul Latif Jameel Land

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors

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Al Dabbagh Group


Electric House Est.

FMCG Distributor

Hadia Abdul Latif Jameel



Mars Saudia Arabia




Aasia Steel

Al Muhaidib Group

King Fahd Specialist Hospital


Printing & Packaging




Interio AG








Masar Printing and Publishing

Obeikan SIG Combibloc

Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Emirates Global Aluminium



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Saudi Customs

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Tania Bottled Water Company

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Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance

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National Water Company (NWC)

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Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group

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Nesma Embroidery

Nesma Embroidery

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my mart

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Zohoor Alreef

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Abdul Latif Jameel Motors

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Arabian Hala

Arabian Hala

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Abdul Latif Jameel Investments

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We have helped optimise businesses across many sectors and in many countries.

Arranged by sector and function, our case studies provide relatable points of reference for others in the same field. By understanding how Lean has changed mindsets and provided a platform for long-term, sustainable growth and profitability for others operating in the same or similar areas, newcomers to its methodologies can begin to appreciate how Kaizen principles could shape their operations and change their fortunes.

Whether your business is booming and, through its growth, facing new challenges or, conversely, stalled or struggling, Lean Thinking can change mindsets from the ground-up, embedding long-term behavioural changes that are not only profitable in the short term, but sustainable over the long run.

We also hope that these case studies will give you an invaluable insight into how Four Principles’ unique, collaborative approach to Lean Methodology and implementation can be applied to your business – irrespective of sector, size or geography.

  • Reduced lead times

    We were able to reduce our lead times by 43%, which means we were able to produce almost the same amount of products in half the time

    Sinan Al Saady, Vice-Chairman

  • Astonishing improvements

    Take-out customer wait times dropped from over 20 min to below 2 min

    Eng. Abdulsalam A. Alarify, VP Business Development

  • A Clear Structured Approach

    With Lean we are now structured and work systemically and that ensures quality, besides efficiency and productivity

    Marcel Grünenfelder, Managing Director


    Final result was that our sales net promoter score increased by 25% and the service net promoter score increased by 5%

    Dr. Khalid Alkarimy, Managing Director, Operations

  • Continuous improvement

    We have completed implementation of the Lean principles on more than 50% of our machines. Our indicators are very positive with machine output varying between 17% and almost 90% improvement

    Aiman Al-Masri, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Reduced customer waiting times

    We reduced the time the customer spent waiting in our reception area by 55%

    Bernd Schwendtke, Senior Managing Director

  • Unlocking potential

    We were able to achieve something that we thought is beyond our abilities

    Sinan Al Saady, Vice-Chairman CGS Group Saudi Arabia

  • Retail Sector Sustainable Improvements

    The in-store inventory was reduced by over 30% while maintaining an availability of core items of over 99%

    Waleed Alkhaldi, Chairman

  • Space Reduction

    We were able to achieve a 47% space reduction in our production areas and warehouses

    Nasser Gharama, General Manager Lamina

  • Improved manpower utilization

    We have managed to avoid losses of over 300 productive manpower hours per month

    Aiman Al-Masri, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • The real success

    We can now produce for customers based on demand, and this ability and flexibility allows us to save time and money. That’s the real success here

    Sinan Al Saady, Vice-Chairman CGS Group Saudi Arabia

  • Better Space Utilization

    We managed to reduce our inventory which resulted in a 28% space reduction in the distribution center and the branches

    Ahmad Almoliki, Business Development Manager

  • Significant Lead Time Improvements

    Transfer of vehicles from and to branches dropped from 15 days to 1 day and the insurance approval lead time from 7 days to half a day

    Hani Alsaleh, CEO Arabian Hala (AVIS)

  • Sustainable cost reduction

    We achieved product cost reductions of up to 7% and have also reduced our inventory over 60%

    Wadah Ali, Plant Manager

  • Improved on-time delivery

    We improved on-time delivery to the guests by 113%

    Bernd Schwendtke, Senior Managing Director

  • Short delivery times

    We improved the preparation time for home delivery orders and dropped it from 31 minutes to 16 minutes

    Eng. Abdulsalam A. Alarify, VP Business Development

  • The Perfect Store

    Today, the entire Zohoor Alreef team has understood through Lean that the “Perfect Store” is a shared aspiration that can only be achieved through Kaizen or continuous improvement.

    Jim Ragsdale, Chief Executive Officer

  • Increased output

    We have increased our output from that machine by 20% and the availability of the machine by 32%

    Aiman Al-Masri, President and Chief Executive Officer