Kaizen. Zero waste implemented! At Four Principles we bring the power of Lean to bear in organisations of all sizes, geographies and sectors.

Whilst the process can be viewed from two perspectives, Lean Implementation and Sustainable Cost Reduction, the objective and the outcome are the same – organisations where value to the customer is the primary driver in eliminating waste and creating an environment where sustainable, long term profitability and growth can flourish.

Lean Implementation

The process starts with a diagnosis. A total, 360 degree understanding of your business and the specific challenges it faces is critical to identifying not only the biggest areas of waste in the primary cost drivers, but also how these interrelate with other up- and down-stream functions – both internally and within the broader supply chain. Having isolated and quantified the products, activities or resources which do not add value from the customer’s perspective, Lean implementations are carried out to tackle and eliminate those areas of waste. As a result, the organisation benefits not only from improved profitability, but the workforce – from shopfloor to boardroom – understand and engage with the Lean philosophy, creating a virtuous circle of continuous improvement and wider, sustainable cost reduction.

Sustainable Cost Reduction

Sustainable Cost Reduction goes far beyond mere cost cutting. By not only reducing, but eliminating waste at every stage of the value chain, it is the foundation of long term growth and increased profitability. The end-game is a business or organisation where everyone is aligned with a shared mindset and understanding of the Lean philosophy. Convinced of Lean’s ability to not only increase profits but also improve working conditions, the workforce are united and fully equipped with the tools and the motivation to eliminate waste, reduce costs and share in sustainable growth and success.