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The foundation of Lean Management’s roots can be traced back to Toyota’s vigorous growth in the post-war automotive industry. Viewing goods or a service from the customer’s perspective, the focus of Lean Thinking is on eliminating or reducing waste – in other words, eliminate or reduce to a minimum all activities, products and resources that do not add value to the customer.

How Lean can change the performance of your operation

Long lead times, material buffers between workstations, large batches, unbalanced operations, quality problems and rework are just some of the symptoms of inefficient production processes. During this course you are going to learn, how to eliminate the root causes of waste by applying the Lean principles:

  • PULL: Let the customer ‘pull’ the value adding activities through the process and reduce inventory levels, eliminate waiting times and increase the visibility of bottlenecks
  • FLOW: Reorganize the processes in the right sequence and create transparency of the real processing times
  • TAKT: Create a rhythm to balance activities between workstations to increase efficiency
  • ZERO-DEFECTS: Implement structured quality checks, problem-solving methods, and communication loops to facilitate an open culture of problem-solving while significantly reduce rework

What will this course achieve?

During our course, we will run a simulation demonstrating the impact of the Lean principles on lead time, cost and quality. You will get an overview of the most effective Lean Production methods and tools, like:

  • 7 Types of Waste
  • 5S workplace organization
  • Just-in-Time (JIT)
  • Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
  • Line Balancing
  • Visual Management and Daily Direction Setting (DDS)

With our Lean Starter Training Course, you will experience in 1 day, how applying the Lean Principles can reduce lead times and cost in processes of any operational business.

Who should attend?

Individuals who would like to get familiar with the underlying concepts of Lean

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1 day
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Manuel’s working life started as a process and quality technician for a foundry, a role he carried out during the latter stages of his Engineering Degree course. This brought him into contact with metal transformation processes suitable for the automotive industry.

Experience he built on in his next role as a quality assurance engineer for an automotive TIERI rubber supplier in Mexico, where he oversaw implementation of QS-9000.

He then went on to specialise in Continuous Improvement Processes and supply chain optimisation in automotive, logistics, manufacturing and retail industries in Spain. Subsequent career moves spanned IVECO in the automotive industry as well as some of Spain’s leading logistics companies and textile brands. In this time, Manuel developed a wide range of skills, including Lean logistics process improvements, automated solutions and Lean marketing and sales – a range of skills he now brings to bear with Four Principles’ client portfolio.

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