Four Principles and global process mining pioneer Celonis partner to bring the power of process excellence to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

  • Partnership will allow Four Principles to identify, analyze and monitor critical business processes in real-time

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 21 May 2020

Four Principles, the leading Lean Management consultancy and part of Abdul Latif Jameel, today announced a partnership with Celonis, the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence  software.

This partnership will enable Four Principles to efficiently identify, analyze and monitor critical business processes in real-time and optimize client operations. Celonis’ Process Mining technology delivers significant business value by allowing companies to discover inefficiencies, identify actions to streamline processes in real time and continually monitor them to ensure optimal performance and improved customer experience.

Combining its operational process expertise with Celonis’ proven process-mining technology, Four Principles will enable a transformational ‘discover-enhance-monitor’ approach to performance improvement. With the Celonis technology Four Principles can rapidly uncover root causes of challenges in business processes, enhance operations with AI-driven actions, and continuously monitor developments with digital visualizations.

Ernest Nedic, Director of Four Principles’ Kaizen Lab said: “Businesses today need support to make quick, data based decisions which will help them navigate the changing economic scenario. Through our partnership with Celonis, we can effectively scale our analytical capabilities, while accelerating the digital transformation journey of our clients. This partnership with a world leader, further supports Four Principles’ vision of being the highest quality and most reliable partner for our clients on their lean journey.”

Today, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT and automation are business-critical, as organisations of all sizes undergo digital transformation programs. However, successful business transformations are heavily dependent on selecting and analyzing the right processes and implementing the right solutions with world-class technology. Celonis’ innovative solution will allow experts from Four Principles to help clients realize wide-ranging benefits, including delivering revenue growth, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, driving working capital, lowering operating costs and reducing losses.

“Celonis recognizes how challenging digital transformation initiatives are for organizations and how essential it is to have the right partnerships and technology in place to ensure success,” Celonis co-founder and co-CEO Bastian Nominacher said. “Our partnership with Four Principles will help ensure that organizations in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East will be successful in their digital transformation efforts and can achieve significant business benefits from improving their processes.”

As one of the leading homegrown consulting firms in the GCC, Four Principles is a pioneer in the transfer of Lean Management disciplines from the automotive industry into other business sectors. By successfully partnering with multiple renowned businesses and brands across the region, Four Principles continues to demonstrate  a commitment to digitization and streamlining operations, in line with region-wide strategies, including Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Four Principles supports a range of organizations in Saudi Arabia, and announced a partnership last month with Saudi Customs to improve their operational performance.

For more information on Celonis and Four Principles, please contact Ernest Nedic, Director Kaizen Lab, or +966 53 051 1063