In an effort to spread the Lean Management philosophy and demonstrate how Lean can help businesses from all sectors, Four Principles; an Abdul Latif Jameel company; held a series of workshops in Saudi Arabia last week (Dec 4th, 5th, 6th).

Covering ground in the three major cities (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam); and in partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (Monsha’at); Four Principles’ goal is to create informative communication and shed light on how Lean Management is not just only a consultancy tool kit, but a profound change of corporate culture, that perceives value from the customer’s perspective and gears everything towards optimizing that value.

Aiming to support the regional public and private sectors in achieving efficiency and unlocking optimal performance, Four Principles seeks to unlock value and ultimately deliver sustainable change to companies in the Middle East. “A Lean business model is the embodiment of our philosophy: “Kaizen. Zero waste implemented!” Not cost-cutting for its own sake, but the process of putting into practice long term, sustainable efficiencies that increase profitability at the same time as improving value for your customer. This is the message we’re here to deliver and by partnering with Monsha’at, we can support vision 2030 that aims to empower and support small and medium size businesses in playing a vital role in the Kingdom’s economy”. Said Seif Shieshakly, Founder and Managing Partner at Four Principles.



Lean in Action

Starting off with a 45-minute introduction to Lean management, Four Principles’ leading experts addressed the impact Lean thinking has on any business. They presented real life examples from projects implemented by Four Principles across the region. After the introduction, they took a deeper dive into “Continuous Process Improvement” through presenting a case study and giving the attendees tangible real life evidence that they can relate to.



Accumulation of Lean Thinking

In addition to the hands-on workshop, attendees had the chance to ask questions about Lean Management, Four Principles and questions about their businesses and industries. They also had the opportunity for a 1:1 short session with Four Principles’ Lean experts after the workshop was concluded.

For more information on Four Principles, please contact us at or +971 4 368 2124.