• Four Principles celebrates its 10th anniversary and helps achieve US$ 2 billion in savings from clients’ operational costs in Saudi Arabia
  • Succeeded in reducing lead time by up to 96% in client’s service delivery and production
  • Principles of the kaizen philosophy first pioneered by Japanese corporations and designed to boost efficiency and performance, eliminate waste, and maximize utilization of resources


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 09 February, 2020:

Four Principles, an of Abdul Latif Jameel company, today celebrated its 10th anniversary since it started operations in Saudi Arabia in 2010.

Implementing Lean Management strategies based on the Kaizen business philosophy, during that time Four Principles has boosted efficiency and performance, eliminated waste and optimized resource usage for its many clients; while effectively expanding its operations across many business sectors throughout the region.

In its first 10 years of operation, Four Principles has succeeded in reducing lead time by up to 96% in client’s service delivery and production, while also achieving over US$ 2 billion in savings from clients’ operational costs in Saudi Arabia.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Four Principles, Seif Shieshakly, said: “By promoting lean transformation initiatives, it is our aim to deliver a profound change in corporate culture, from the bottom of our clients’ organization to the very top, with a passionate focus on optimizing value. To that end, we have saved millions of hours of clients’ time and skills from wasteful activities, while creating more value for their customers. We are proud to reach this 10-year milestone in our own journey, and we wholeheartedly look forward to the next decade of lean business progress in the region.”

Four Principles’ core objective is a commitment to reducing lead time; managing the supply chain, improving quality, cutting costs and enhancing employee motivation, all for the benefit the customer. The company’s strategy focuses on putting into practice long-term, sustainable efficiencies that increase profitability at the same time as improving value for the clients’ customers.

Four Principles’ early focus included projects across FMCG, heavy industries, medical equipment and printing and packaging sectors. Prior to reaching its fifth anniversary, Four Principles had expanded its operations to include financial services, retail, automotive, facility management, government and petrochemicals. By its tenth anniversary, this list had grown to include real estate, healthcare and engineering and design, hospitality and logistics and transportation, construction, and telecommunications.

A key milestone in Four Principles’ 10-year history is the establishment of a joint venture with Abdul Latif Jameel in 2017 to spread the lean philosophy across the MENAT region and help more businesses leverage the multitude of opportunities it can deliver.

Originally developed by Toyota to transform the efficiency of its production system, Kaizen principles, which lie at the heart of Lean management, aim to reduce waste, improve quality, and accelerate lead times. Ultimately, the methodology can improve business-wide efficiency and deliver a corporate culture capable of delivering a smooth and adaptable workflow.

Four Principles will shortly be releasing more details on a dedicated training academy, based in Riyadh, for Saudi Arabian public and private sectors.

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