Ever since Four Principles started working with the private sector on both classical lean transformations, as well as lean digital transformations back in 2010, we observed that while such companies are able, with the right external support, to conduct such transformations successfully, they were nevertheless still prone to what is now, especially post covid 19, called digital disruption from new upstarts.

Basically, private organisations, either family-owned groups or publicly owned entities, have tended to over years build internal structures and hire people with the ability to preserve and steadily expand the status quo. Over time, this direction became engrained in their corporate cultures. While this approach may have worked in the past, where a lot of the digital technology available today and what is yet come, was either too expensive and untested if it even existed at all, it is clear that with today’s dynamic market environment, driven by such major technology advances, democratization of data that is paired with a proliferation of digital and analytical tools, a ‘business as usual’ mindset for such organizations, is now off the table.

Today, therefore it is either disrupt or be disrupted.

The challenge for incumbents is the inherent resistance of the old guard and other leadership levels, that are too comfortable in today’s corporate structures and/or too busy with internal political bickering. Even when the willingness might be there, the organisations’ Byzantian structures which have been built and solidified over decades, lack the speed, flexibility and capability that is required to create start-ups with the aim to disrupt one’s own organization, market, or industry. Those reasons prevent most internally launched and managed start-ups to succeed from the get-go while at the same time burning a considerable amount of cash, resources and the leadership’s appetite for taking on such challenges.

With this all-too-common background seen in the private sector, Four Principles has, in collaboration with its Berlin based partners Martian & Machine, launched its Disruption-as-a-Service (DaaS) for which an entrepreneurial and technically competent environment is created, which enables organizations to launch and iterate new products and services with the agility and speed of a start-up. The focus is on real delivery and immediate generation of market traction. Our DaaS approach enables your organization to build, launch and test new products and services and iterate them based entirely on data and learnings. The primary goal here is to reach the product-market-fit at the lowest cost- and time-invest possible and enable dedicated venture building around it.