Our Team

Seif Shieshakly

Seif holds an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, and a BA in quantitative economics and international relations from Tufts University, MA, USA.

He acquired his Lean Management expertise while working for the sole Toyota distributor in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd., where he took the leading role in supply chain continuous improvement projects and was then transferred to Toyota Motor Corporation’s Middle East division in Japan to continue supply chain kaizen activities for the GCC.

After working for Toyota in Japan he joined Porsche Consulting, the Lean Management consulting branch of Porsche AG, Germany. At Porsche he focused on transferring Lean Management from the automotive production to other industries. He specialized his Lean Management skills in the implementation of Lean processes as well as on building sustainable continuous improvement cultures in various industries such as FMCG, Logistics and Transportation and Automotive.

In his role as Managing Partner at Four Principles Seif has overseen the delivery of Lean transformation projects in the aluminium, automotive retail, financing & service, education, FMCG, food & beverage, healthcare, heavy industries, information security, paper, printing & packaging, private equity and retail industries in Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, France, Japan, Lebanon, Switzerland and the UAE.


Patrick Wiebusch

Patrick holds an MBA from RSM in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and a BA in international economics and business administration from the European Business Program Münster, Germany.

He acquired his consulting skills by joining, right after university, the leading strategy consulting firm Oliver Wyman/Mercer Management Consulting in Germany. While at Oliver Wyman Patrick consulted several global leaders in Banking, Transportation, Automotive and Manufacturing mainly across Europe.

After his MBA Patrick joined Porsche Consulting, the Lean Management consulting branch of Porsche AG, Germany. For several years he focused on transfering Lean Management from the automotive production to other industries.

Patrick is a Lean Management expert and has worked extensively in the consulting and implementation of Lean processes as well as in building sustainable continuous improvement cultures in various industries.

In his role as Managing Partner at Four Principles Patrick has overseen the delivery of Lean transformation projects in the FMCG, government, healthcare, heavy industries, paper, printing & packaging, private equity, rent-a-car, retail, security and transportation industries in Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, France, Lebanon, Switzerland and the UAE.


James Ryan

James holds an MSc in Engineering Design from Loughbrough University in the UK and a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Coventry University in the UK. He is also a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

James began his career as a technician working in industry and studying until he gained his degree. He then spent a further ten years building up his industrial experience working as a development engineer in the automotive industry working for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Smart in both Europe and the US. James then moved into consulting joining Porsche Consulting, the Lean Management consulting branch of Porsche AG, Germany.

He then spent several years building up his consulting skills focusing on the implementation of Lean Management in various industrial sectors, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Manufacturing and Software. He built up considerable expertise through successful projects with clients in the areas of Lean Enterprise, Lean Manufacturing and Lean Development, on which he has published articles.

Since joining Four Principles James has led and delivered Lean transformation projects in the dairy, FMCG, government, heavy industries, manufacturing & assembly, petrochemical, printing & packaging and transportation industries in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Ireland, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE.


Fabio Menegon

Fabio holds a Master in Lean Management from CUOA Business School in Vicenza, Italy and a MSc in Business Engineering from Udine University, Italy.

He acquired his Lean Management skills while doing his Masters and directly applying it at Carel Industries, a global company operating in HVAC/R business with a base in Padova, Italy. He started the Lean transformation as an internal support team member and through his assignment acquired experiences in both direct and indirect processes. After conducting the Lean transformation at the Italian plant he was dispatched to kick off and manage the early stages of the Lean transformation at Carel's plant in Suzhou, China and after that at Carel's plant in Lancaster, PA, USA. Through both those assignments, he honed his skills in the application of Lean in different cultural environments within a global company.

After seven years of applying Lean at Carel Industries he joined Whirlpool Corporation, a global home appliances player where he managed for two years the EMEA Supplier Integration Program designed to improve strategic supplier’s integration and performance with Whirlpool through the application of Lean.

Since joining Four Principles Fabio has delivered Lean transformation projects in the dairy, FMCG, manufacturing & assembly, printing & packaging, glass, paper, education, aluminium, food & beverage, retail and heavy industries in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, Spain and the UAE.


Manuel Silva

Manuel holds a masters degree in Logistics from the Villanueva University in Spain and an Industrial Engineering degree from the Panamericana University in Mexico. While he was completing his engineering degree, Manuel worked as a process and quality technician for a foundry where he got in touch with metal transformation processes suitable for automotive companies.

After finishing his studies, he started working as a quality assurance engineer setting the QS-9000 certification for an automotive TIER1 rubber supplier in Mexico. In Spain he has implemented continuous improvement and supply chain optimization projects for various industrial sectors such as automotive, logistics, manufacturing and retail. He has also driven change through Lean logistics process implementations in the automotive industry for IVECO, in Logistics companies through automated solutions, in marketing and sales approach, and textile brands in Spain such as Neck & Neck and Skunkfunk.

Since joining Four Principles, Manuel has delivered Lean transformation projects in the aluminium, automotive retail, financing & service, FMCG, glass, heavy industries, paper, petrochemical, printing & packaging and security industries in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Spain and the UAE.


Ahmed Fahmy

Ahmed holds a BSc of Engineering & Materials Science with a focus on Mechanics from The German University in Cairo, Egypt and he is a certified green level kaizen team leader from Cardiff University, UK.

After his graduation he worked at Trane Inc. in Egypt, a global provider of HVAC systems, as a process engineer. There he deployed time & motion studies, line balancing, takt calculations, waste minimization for 7 different production lines redesigning the entire factory layout following Lean principles over a one year project, which aided him in becoming a certified Lean six sigma champion.

Ahmed then joined Mars Inc. in Egypt as an industrial efficiency engineer, where he had the opportunity to hone his analytical & research skills through various improvement projects tackling bottleneck analysis, capacity profiles, root cause analysis, factory management system improvement & integration. 

At Mars he was assigned in parallel as a functional Lean coach for the factory – tutoring in the Mars Lean Academy & focusing on building a sustainable continuous improvement culture. He was also the owner of the Idea Generation Program where he improved it significantly by simplifying its processes and making it accessible to all shop floor associates.

Ahmed later changed his responsibilities at Mars Inc. Egypt, when he acquired the role of a value stream leader where he was responsible for the packaging room of one of the largest Mars Inc. production lines globally. There he led & developed large numbers of direct reports through the day-to-day operations in building a continuous improvement culture in preparation for the plant expansion. During this period Ahmed also successfully conducted cross regional improvement projects with Mars Inc.'s production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands.

Since joining Four Principles, Ahmed has delivered Lean transformation projects in the FMCG, food & beverage, government, manufacturing & assembly, retail and transportation industries in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


Mehdi Chelhi

Mehdi holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from INSA Rouen, France, a MSc in Strategy & Marketing from HEC Paris, France and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from CSC Peat Marwick. 

After his graduation from HEC he joined CSC Peat Marwick’s consulting business unit in Paris. Initially Mehdi worked on cross European strategy and management assignments for global leaders in Banking, Telecommunication, Utilities and Manufacturing.

During his later years at CSC Mehdi’s focus shifted towards Lean Management and obtained CSC’s Lean Six Sigma certification.

Mehdi applied his Lean Management skills across various sectors and countries with one of his main projects being a full Lean Transformation for a global telecom carrier aspiring to adapt its business model in order to improve profitability and competitiveness sustainably.

He delivered other important Lean Management projects in Sales, Marketing, Procurement, IT and Operations during his time in CSC’s Lean Management competence team.

Since joining Four Principles, Mehdi has delivered Lean transformation projects in the automotive retail, financing & service, FMCG and rent-a-car sectors in Saudi Arabia.


Mohamed El Aouad

Mohamed holds a masters degree in Industrial Engineering from Ecole des Mines in Douai, France. He specialised in quality management for manufacturing processes. He also holds an MSc in Strategy and International Management from ESSEC Business School in Singapore.

After his graduation from ESSEC, Mohamed joined GEP in London, UK where he worked on European procurement and supply chain consulting assignments. Using Lean management principles, he helped a global chemicals company rationalise the packaging materials for its operations in Denmark, France and Germany. The project led to a reduction in raw material waste, optimised set of SKUs and significant savings in the overall procurement costs. Mohamed also assisted a UK based financial services company in optimising its facilities management service specifications, removing all the over-specification and waste, which resulted in significant financial benefits.

Since joining Four Principles, Mohamed has delivered Lean transformation projects in the automotive retail, financing & service, FMCG, heavy industries, and manufacturing & assembly industries in Saudi Arabia.


Rohollah Rohparwar

Rohollah holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Merit in Aeronautical Engineering with a specialization in lightweight construction and design from the University for Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany.

Based on the success of his Internship at Airbus Operations GmbH, he was asked to write his bachelor thesis in Lean management about the optimization of work stations in the single aisle equipment installation area which he completed with Distinction.

After his studies, Rohollah joined the Lean team at the Hamburg plant in the role of Lean Improver. Here he gained significant expertise in the deployment of Lean tools and methods as part of the Airbus Operating System, completing improvement projects mainly within the the long range equipment installation area. He then went on to lead several cost improvement projects such as work package efficiency increase, work station layout optimization, and standardization of operations and work orders in the manufacturing engineering and production areas at Airbus.

Rohollah is an experienced Lean management practitioner covering all the aspects of Lean deployment beginning with training through selection and use of Lean methods & tools, Leaning Kaizen workshops, re-organization, implementation planning, management of multiple projects, quantification of benefits etc.

Since joining Four Principles, Rohollah has delivered Lean transformation projects in automotive retail, financing & service, heavy industries and petrochemical sectors in Saudi Arabia.


Andreas Verykokos

Andreas holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Production Management and Industrial Administration from the department of engineering of the University of Thessaly in Greece and an MSc in Strategy and Organisation Consultancy from EDHEC Business School in Lille, France.

His first exposure to Lean process improvement came through his engineering studies where he wrote his bachelor thesis on minimizing the evacuation time of complex facilities like hospitals. In addition to that, he increased his knowledge and ability in process restructuring through several projects in the copper, construction materials and education industries by delivering solutions on issues related to quality, productivity, maintenance, planning, logistics, and customer relations.

After completing his studies Andreas joined Avery Dennison, a global leader in labeling/packaging materials, as a project engineer where he was formally introduced to the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma. In this role, he applied the Lean philosophy and tools to achieve lead time reductions of internal processes like claims management, reverse logistics, corrective action reports, packaging, and finishing. He then took a leading role in the standardization of the newly improved processes across different European locations in France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Germany. Andreas also successfully delivered significant cost/losses reduction projects and investment proposals in packaging.

Since joining Four Principles, Andreas has delivered Lean transformation projects in the automotive retail, financing & service, FMCG, heavy industries, and manufacturing & assembly industries in Saudi Arabia.


Abdul Kareem Al Oweisi

Abdul Kareem holds a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering with specializing in Operations Management, and an MBA in Operations and Strategy from Nottingham Business School in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

His first exposure to Lean operations was in his role as a sales engineer in REDA in Saudi Arabia where he conducted Lean inventory management and material ordering projects with his clients in the rubber and PVC pipes Industries to increase their efficiency and reduce waste throughout the supply chain systems. 

As part of his MBA studies he conducted consultancy projects in Nottingham, UK and in New York, NY, USA for an organic agriculture farm and the media events management sectors respectively. In both projects Abdul Kareem applied Lean practices in their operations and successfully reduced their operational costs. 

He applied his MBA thesis which focused on managing demand variability in the food supply chain on a quiche factory supplier which services the four biggest supermarkets in the UK to better manage the demand variability during promotions and peak seasons.

Since joining Four Principles, Abdul Kareem has delivered Lean transformation projects in the manufacturing & assembly and retail industries in Saudi Arabia.