Our Approach

We listen first

Because no one knows your business better than you.

Our Lean Management Experts have years of experience in various industries and are experts in their fields, however no two businesses are alike. That’s why we use a dual approach - local knowledge coupled with our expertise.

We conduct bottom-up analyses with local experts in your work place and on your shop floor. Our Lean Management Experts accompany your team throughout the entire change process while highlighting three major steps to successfully implementing a total Lean Solution:

Change their minds

Your employees come to learn what Lean is and why Lean is different. During the course of a project they begin to see how Lean principles can positively affect their work environment and daily working life.

Change their hearts

Your employees develop an understanding and enthusiasm for Lean. Employees begin to see areas for the application of Lean principles everywhere they turn.

Change their skills

Your employees learn the tools and techniques necessary to continuously implement Lean in their own work environment by themselves.

Go for the low hanging fruit first

A holistic approach to transforming a company to become Lean is important, but it can take time. However, we believe an 80% solution today is better than a 100% solution tomorrow. Results are the key to establishing credibility and buy-in from the bottom all the way to the top.

We pilot and implement Lean improvement ideas fast

Fast implementation means realizing tangible and sustainable bottom-line benefits as quickly as possible. When employees and management see quick wins, everyone is motivated to keep up the momentum to improve.

Don’t just evolve, innovate

Long-term success for any organization means innovation. But innovations must be introduced and stabilized in small steps. With each innovation there are new challenges. However, sometimes evolving is not enough. Our Lean Management Experts help you to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to run your business. We support and prepare you with the tools you need to harness all the power of your organization and implement solutions smoothly and effectively.

Never stop improving

A team’s motivation to change and improve can often wane very soon after Lean is initially introduced and big efficiency and productivity gains are made. The novelty wears off, new processes are not adhered to or old behavior re-emerges. Eventually, an organization reverts to old habits loses any benefits gained through adopting Lean. That’s why we integrate a continuous improvement process (CIP) into every step of change and help you develop the right mindset and tools for your team.

Leave with nothing left to do

Our goal is to qualify and empower your employees to self-sustainably drive continuous improvement in your organization on their own. And when we’re done, you won't need us anymore.

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